Running is Everywhere

11 Nov

When you think of football, you may think of hard hits. When you think of basketball, you may think of  Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points in a game. When you think of soccer, you may think of how some great players have great footwork. When you look deeper down into these sports, a major part of them are running.

To get from place to place in a short amount of time, you run. When Kobe is flying down the court or Wes Welker is sprinting down the field, they run. Running is essential for everything you do. Basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey… the list goes on and on and on. The cavemen ran to hunt their food and they could run for hours with limited break. You may run home from a friend’s house if it is dark.

These sports all have running in their training as well. Basketball has sprints, football has sprints, soccer has sprints. They all incorporate running somehow and somewhere. You may not think of yourself as a distance runner but some runners and athletes are rather sprinting runners.

Running is as important in football as tackling is (I may receive some weird looks for that but it is true.)


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