Run a Run… Then Don’t Run it Again; Never Get Bored

15 Nov

Ok, that’s not entirely true. You should do a favorite run of yours, then you should take a break from that specific run. If you keep running one course or specific run, then your mind will get tired of it and that will make your body feel as if it is a longer run as well.

You want to experiment with new runs and new places (just be careful). Explore different things because part of running is the ability to relax, but also have a great time because (as long as your are healthy), running can take you all over the place.

What I do is that I will sometimes go for a specific run, then either go for a new and completely different run or create a new part in the middle of that run. Change it up.

This directly connects to how you should never be bored while running. To new runners or runners who get bored all the time, this may sound like a surprise to you. Want some tips??? Why not…

  • Change It Up- Like I said above, you want to change up your runs. Look for new adventures. Sometimes, you can run on a street and sometimes go trail running.
  • Running Buddy- If your not running on a team, find someone who runs and may be close to your skill to join you on a run. You can talk about anything from future runs to your social life.
  • Don’t Run on a Treadmill- In my opinion, probably the worst way to run. You are running in your house and your have no scenary… or if you have scenary, then it is the same thing for the whole run. Get outside and get some fresh air and a nice, CHANGING view.
  • Motivation- Think of the PR that you may want or that high school rival you have wanted to beat since freshman year. Remember, the harder you work in practice, the better your time will be in a race.

Even if you run on a track, the 2nd and 4th tip will be in handy to you.

Bored running is so much worse than running while having fun.


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