XC Workouts

16 Nov

Generally when you become a competive runner and become part of a cross country team or a track team, your coach will have certain days when, instead of making you run long distances, he or she will have you timed for really short distances . Like a four hundred meter , eight hundred meter or a mile (sixteen hundred meters). Your goal when doing these is to do your best and get the lowest time possible while keeping cositent pace throughout .

You will run sets of varying lengths where you will try to go at your fastest while keeping consistent . These are generally harder for those who prefer longer runs at a slower pace than for people who prefer shorter runs at a more intense pace. I personally belive they are very difficult as you must try  your absolute hardest to keep a great time . The goal of the workouts is to keep your splits at an even amount of time. The point of these workouts is to increase your overall speed during races.

You will generally find out how fast you can be to keep at a consistent rate at workouts. Your race should be right near the time of your workout (a little slower as you don’t get rest during a race) . Eventually over the course of your training, your work out times will get better along with your race times . Workouts might seem like a huge pain but they really help you a lot as to figure out what your splits should be at race time. They also make you a much better runner as workouts are generally very physically demanding.


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