The Fastest Man On No Legs

17 Nov

Known as the “Blade Runner”, Oscar Pistorius has gained attention from all over the globe. He is a double amputation, but is able to compete because of his artificial lower legs.

He has attempted to go for the 2008 Olympic trials, but did not make it due to him not being fast enough. He did however run in the 2008 Paralympics. During this time, he ran a 100 meters in 11.16 seconds, a 200 in 21.67 seconds and a 400 in 47.49 which is a Paralympic record (he later did better with 45.07).

He then attempted to qualify for the 2012 olympics starting in 2011 racing against able bodied runners His fastest 400 came to be a 45. 07. He was picked for a relay race team, but slowed down a little bit during the race.

One problem that many people and racers have with the Blade Runner is that his artificial legs actually make him faster. It has been thought that they may provide an extra spring to them. He was filmed using high-speed cameras a couple of times and hired some lawyers. Using those resources, it was found that he had no advantage over able bodied runners.

Oscar Pistorius Info:

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 177 lbs

Age: 24 years old

Events: 100, 200, 400 m

South Africa


100: 10.91 s

200: 21.41 s

400: 45.07s


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