The Art of Barefoot Running

19 Nov

Barefoot running, also called minimalist running, is a popular way to run among some people and a crazy thought among some other people. The idea is that running barefoot is what the world had been doing for thousands of years before all of these high-tech shoes came out into the open market. The biggest positive barefoot runners say about running barefoot is, when you reach the ground, you are landing on the forefoot of your foot. In padded shoes, you tend to lend on your heel a majority of the time which could lead to knee and other running injuries.

The Pros and Cons are always trying to outmatch each other in the running community between runners who like running with minimal shoe and runners who don’t like the idea of that and want to continue with their normal shoes.


  • Landing on Forefoot- It will also injure your body to run on your heel as it is not naturally built to withstand pressure coming through the heel. Also, when you land on your heel, it is almost like putting the breaks on when you run. Some of the most effective runners in the world stride with their mid or forefoot hitting the ground because it keeps the strides fast and smooth.
  • Stronger Feet- With modern shoes, the padding is very high and is very thick. This could lead to weak feet as you are relying the shoes to do a great amount of work. When you run barefoot, your feet are 100% in control.
  • Balance- Just like making your feet stronger, running barefoot will activate some of your smaller muscles in your feet which will help during running on bumpy trails.


  • No Foot Protection- This is the most common argument against the zero use of barefoot running. There could possibly be some glass or any other sharp material on the ground that could cut your skin. The cut in your skin could possibly lead to small or big infections.
  • Blisters- As you may not be used to running barefoot, the first week or two could lead to some awkward and hurtful blisters on your feet which could lead to pain.

What are people doing these days to get the best of both views?

They are going with minimalist shoes which offer little sole, but do protect your feet from some possibly dangers. Here are some options if you want to get some of these shoes.


Vibram FiveFingers 

Merrell Barefoot

New Balance Minimus 


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