Running on Thanksgiving

20 Nov

There are several traditions on Thanksgiving… Turkey, Football games and now, road races. There are plenty of different road races during Thanksgiving day morning in every state. In fact, you could search “Thanksgiving race (insert town)” and you would find a race within 30 minutes of where you live. That is how popular these races are getting.

Personally, I run just because I like to run. But, there are also many other different reasons why people run these races. Maybe, they run with a friend or family member who is visiting so they can spend some quality time with them. Many people run because they want to burn off all those calories that they will gain later during the Thanksgiving feast. Some races (and the one I am doing) give away free pies to the runners who run the race.

1000’s of people run these races on Thanksgiving for the reasons explained above. For cross country runners in High School, it may be a time where they can still stay in shape for the track season, but they are not forced to run as hard as they might during a race in the cross country season.

One of the biggest races in Massachusetts set for November 24th is the Feaster Five held in Andover, Massachusetts.

Entering it’s 24th year, there will be in estimated 10,000 people who walk and run in this race. As with plenty of other races, the Feaster Five reward an apple pie to all the finishers of the race. There are two race courses that you could pick from. Many people do the 5k, but a large number people also go for the 5 mile race. In addition to that, the Kids Fun Run is also available to kids up to 12 years old.

Many well known people have participated in this race such as Matt Damon, Dan Roach and Steve Ives who is the CEO of the YMCA.

This is not the only good race in the country. There are also other great races that you could participate in, so go to a race website and sign up before the races are filled up!


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