Why You Should Run

23 Nov

Running is interesting… it is something that you don’t always want to do, but you know it is very important. For people who have not started to run, they need to look for a reason to start. Starting something is a very hard thing to do, but here are some tips on why you should start running.

  • Physical Fitness- If you want to get in serious shape, running is a key to getting to your goal. It does not matter if you run 1 miles or 10 miles, you are still burning calories and getting in shape. By running, you can also get in shape for other sports that you do such as soccer or basketball. Some sports include a great amount of running and if you run enough, it will help build up your wind.
  • Meet New People/Run With Family or Friends- You can meet plenty of new people while running. There are places to do it such as races or running groups in your town. The ability to run with some family or friends is also appealing to people who want a nice place to catch up on your or your friend’s life.
  • Good Place To Think- Sometimes, when you want to think about an idea, going for a run will help with that. You may need a nice and quiet place to think over things. Even if it is a great idea or something going wrong, you can almost always think of something to help make it better.
  • Accomplishments- If you don’t run much or you go for a longer run than usual, a good run will make you feel good and have the feeling have achieving a new accomplishment. If you PR (run a personal record), that will also help you confidence.

Most people, after they start running, feel better. Everything from physical fitness to mental stability to social atmosphere will help out in your life now and later. So tie up your shoes and start off by taking a couple laps around the neighborhood. OR if your advanced, go run a long distance. But, everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has a reason for starting.


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