Why is Stretching so Important?

28 Nov

Stretching will not take you very long to do, but it is a very important factor of running… especially if you want to be a fast and healthy runner. It is going to provide a great amount of benefits to your body and to your overall running speed. It does not matter what event you do; cross country, distance track or sprinting… it is all important to get good stretches in before AND after your run.

Why is it important to stretch before running?

– Stretch out your muscles (most obvious)

– Increase blood flow wear you stretch

– Provide an oxygen to supply to those muscles

Stretching before running is a very key factor in being the best runner possible. Most runners take a jog before the stretch because it is not good to stretch cold muscles. Have you ever tried running at a decent speed without stretching? It is very uncomfortable and can lead to some injuries such a muscle pulls.

Why is it important to stretch after running?

– Helps prevent lactic acid from building up in your muscles

– Helps muscles loosen up and will help prevent pain if they become very stiff.

Stretching after running is as important as doing it before you go for a run. You will want to relax all your muscles in your body and if you do an effective stretching period after you run, your legs will feel a lot better the next day than if you decided not to stretch out your muscles.

Some runners find that dynamic stretching helps loosen the body up as well. You want to stretch both sides evenly so it will feel the same while you run and so that you don’t have greater risk of injury on one side. Stretching will also include flexibility which can help runners.


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