Adventure Runs… The Best

1 Dec

Please be careful when attempting an adventure run or adventure race. Some parts of a run may be dangerous and should take caution in any parts of an adventure run.

Ever get bored while running the streets of your town? Well, it happens to most people who take running seriously. The flat roads (with a couple of hilly spots) can get really boring and force you into a runner’s slump which is when a runner just gets tired from running… mentally. You always want to challenge yourself  and you want to visit new places while running. Some runners run for the sights that they may see while running.

Adventure running can give you some GREAT sights (if your safe) and will have some awesome experiences. Running adventurous with “running buddies” will make adventure running 10x better. It’s a great time and there are many reasons why you should do it.

  • Sights- When you go out for an adventure run, some areas of your run may have some wonderful scenes in which you can really take in. This will give a boost to your running because you want to see that area multiple times and you will think ‘I want to go see that. I will go for a run’ and runner;s slump will never kick in.
  • Reaction- Maybe part of your run is running the woods. Since there may be many roots around the ground, you will always have to adjust your reaction to where the  roots are so you don’t get injured. It will help your footing as it will help when you want to place your feet in specific parts during a regular race.
  • Doesn’t Feel Bad- When I go for adventure runs, I will sometimes end up running longer than I usually do on a road. This will happen as you don’t realize you have ran far because you may be having a lot of fun looking at different areas you may have never seen before.

Adventure running in the woods can pay off for your running and it can also be loads of fun. They even have adventure races so get to your adventure side and do a race.


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