True or False? Running Version

2 Dec

This new feature will talk about things in the world of running that may be considered true or false. Opinion answers will be given.

1) A sub-2 hour marathon will occur before 2020

False, Even though marathoners have been making big strides in their times and are getting closer to the sub-2, they are still minutes off. In fact, the world record holder is still 3 minutes and 39 seconds until breaking it. I personally don’t see anyone making that much of an improvement throughout the next 9 years. I would say that the 1st sub-2 hour marathon will happen in no less than 15 years.

2) Usain Bolt will beat his current 100m record of 9.58 seconds

True, Usain Bolt wants history. He has even talked about his bid for four gold medals in the 2012 Olympics. He now has something to improve, and at 25, he still has more in the tank to offer. His body structure is one that comes only once in a decade for track runners. He will get sub-9.58 during the 2012 Olympics, then will fall after that.

3) Running is the easiest way to get in shape

True, No bike. No water. No weights. All you need is athletic shoes and you can get outside and go for a run. Even if you only run 1 or 2 miles, that is still getting you in shape and it is an economic-friendly solution for getting healthy. You don’t have to buy a bike or go to a pool. Running is as simple as going outside and moving your legs.

4) The Boston Marathon is the best marathon in the U.S.

True, I may be from Massachusetts, but I would still think this is true if I was from Nevada or Michigan. It’s the world’s oldest marathon which is pretty much the deciding factor for this question. It started in 1897 and has continued every year since then. Enough said.


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