Strong Abs for Strong Runners

4 Dec

It’s simple, the better abs you have, the better runner you have a chance of being. You may not have the abs that professional athletes have, but your abs can still be strong. Abs support your whole torso and will help prevent back injuries. These abs of yours will also help out with your posture and your hip movement.

It may sound daunting at first, but starting off small is the first thing that everyone does. This includes not just running, but also school work and other sports. There are a great amount of ab workouts that you CAN and SHOULD do if you want to be a quality runner.

  • Sit-ups  Probably the most generic ab workout in the country. When you think of strong abs and how to get them, sit-ups may come first to your mind. It’s a pretty simple exercise: lie down on the ground (get a partner to hold down your feet), bend your knees, cross your arms across your chest (not back of you head, as that will cause stress to neck) and try to elevate your body up to your knees.
  • Planks This is the ab exercise that I find most useful and it is one that can strengthen both your main abs and your side abs. Planks help your abs more than sit-ups and they will also help improve back strength. Lie face down, then elevate yourself on your forearms and hold that position as long as possible. For side planks, lie down on your side and elevate yourself using your forearm that is touching the ground.
  • Bicycle The bicycle exercise will improve both your ab muscles and your hip muscles. This is a pretty simple one to do as you lie down on your back and “pedal” like a bike. Don’t move your legs in a circle while pedaling. Instead, move them forward and back to feel like the real exercise working out your abs.

Other exercises you can do to work out your abs include…

Vertical sit-ups, captains chair, leg lift hold and much more


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