The Future of Running?

5 Dec

Although running will never become a major sport such as basketball or football, it is still growing at a decent pace. There are more marathons, half-marathons, 5k races and all of the other distance races than there were ten years ago. Will there be 5x the amount of races now in ten years?

Some runners are also starting to go with a more minimalist feel. It is thought that running with minimal shoes may help prevent injuries and could help make your feet stronger. What will happen in ten years? Will we all be running barefoot like the caveman use to?

70% of runners I see by themselves are listening to some kind of music playing device. Years ago, you would see almost no one wearing these devices and just listening to nature. Will 100% of people be listening to music while running in 2020?

You get what I am trying to bring up here… running is changing. In fact, in case you didn’t notice, everything in the world is changing. No one is certain what running as a sport and running as a hobby will provide us with in the next 10…20…25 years.

  • National Running Series The National Running Series could be a group of races that partner with each other and provide a sum of money to the winners of certain races. The majority of races in this moment of time are standing independently. If you could combine some races together (it could be marathons, 5k races or anything else), it could go a long way in making running more popular.
  • Vibram Five Fingers If you don’t know what these shoes are, you are missing out. (Here they are). The thought process with these shoes are that they mimic running barefoot, but also protect your foot with a covering. Once everyone starts hearing that barefoot running is good for your legs, they will want to go after it. They also want to protect their feet and these shoes are good. And who knows what advancements will happen in years to come…
  • Less Injuries Because of more barefoot and minimalist running, these techniques may help cause LESS injuries to the feet, ankles and knees. Medical technology is also improving at a crazy rate and will help cure injuries caused to the average runner. I think (knock on wood) that running injuries reached their peak a couple years ago.
  • 100% iPod users iPods have grown over the past couple years thanks to their creator, Apple. People want to listen to music while they run and what is better than a nice and trusty iPod. iPods also have apps in which you can track your running distance and speed and that promises to grow within years.

The next ten years in the running community will be very important. Either they can make some amazing breakthroughs… or fall down.


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