Runner Profile: Tyson Gay

7 Dec

Tyson Gay has always been a good runner and has always had family who have been good runners. From his sister being a high school sprinter to his grandmother being a college runner, you could say that there is speed in his genes. His road went from running as a kid to running in high school to running college to running as a pro

Gay is a USA Olympic Sprinter who is one of the top sprinters in the country, if not the world. He was a top collegiate sprinter and that has translated to great achievement as a pro running for his country.

Personal Records:

100m: 9.69s

200m: 19.58s

400m: 44.89s

His times and his sprinting speed have taken him to many top 3 finishes in races such as the Olympic Games, IAAF World races, World Championships and many other races (both college and pro). In a 2010 race, Tyson Gay upset one of the best runners in world, by the name is Usain Bolt. Gay outran Bolt by .13 seconds. Tyson has also beat many American sprinting running records along his journey.

The American still has plenty in his tank to offer and will look to upset Usain Bolt at future races.


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