True or False: Running Version #2

8 Dec

This feature will talk about things in the world of running that may be considered true or false. Opinion answers will be given.


1) Running is a team sport

True You may not think of this when you are looking at a race, but it is true. The most obvious reason is finishing at the end. Teams win meets… an individual may win a race, but you need many people on your team to finish high if you want a chance of winning. Also, teammates can motivate you in a race to keep up a certain pace. It may not be the teammate-like game that you may play in basketball or football, but a team is needed.

2) Running-related injuries will rise in the next ten years

False At the moment, runners are learning a great amount about what is happening to their bodies while they run. I think better shoes are coming out that will help with foot and leg injuries. Also, doctors and trainers are able to diagnose injuries quicker and that will help prevent major injuries for runners.

3) Running too much in the summer training will tire you out for Cross Country season

True I have seen this with my own two eyes. Runners will sometimes do multiple workouts per week in the summer. Even though they may have great success at the beginning of an XC season, they will burn out and fall down to the middle or back of the pack if they started out at number 1 (or around there). Don’t get me wrong… you do want to get plenty of running done in the summer, but not too much that will end up burning you out.



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