XC/Distance Track Workouts

9 Dec

Assuming you run a mile or more in track and XC races, there are some workouts that can really help out your speed and overall strength. Some sprinting, some hills, some more! They may not be fun to do all the time, but it will help you get to a time that you wish to achieve while running.

While there may be 100’s of different workouts for runners, some will give you the top results in get you in top form.

200’s, 400’s and 600’s- These three different distances will help you gain speed, but will also keep your endurance where it is. Obviously, the longer it is, the better it is for your endurance and the shorter it is, the better it is for your speed. Either way, your speed will see a huge difference after doing speed workouts for a couple weeks.

Hills- Hills range from dirt hills to roads to sand hills. Sand hills will give you the best workout because it is not flat and you really need to dig your feet into the sand. What I would do at times is get a mixture of the three different hills into my workout. You will have three different surfaces to run on while getting three different hill feelings.

Mile Repeats- This is another workout that can increase your speed and help your endurance. Your getting a feel of a full mile, but since you get a break after it (for a certain amount of time), then you will be able to run it at race pace or faster. The number of mile repeats you do is all up to how advanced of a runner you are.

Interval Training- This has a feeling like the repeats… Get a good and fast pace going for a little while then slow down the run. Depending on what event you may do, your distance and time may be different.


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