Cross Country

11 Dec

Cross Country is an interesting sport. From the outside looking in, it looks as boring as boring can get. If you ask a cross country runner, then they will tell you mixed emotions. At times, cross country may be tough and grueling, but it is also a fantastic time in which you can get in shape and hang with friends and teammates during practices and meets.

Cross Country workouts, when your doing them, can be really tough on the legs and the lungs. Even long runs can be brutal because you are running miles and miles and miles. But just when your tired, you think ‘These runs will really help me in the races and meets’. When you are not running (stretching, waiting for race, on bus…), then XC can be a really great time.

As one anonymous runner said “Cross country was quite fun from beginning to end… the team dinners and hanging with the team were a blast.”

Another runner quoted, “It was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences”.

These two runners were teammates who I have been with during cross country, and even though the workouts may have been very hard, it really paid off and they had lots of fun.

Why should you run cross country?

  • Get in shape… Running many times a day will really give you the time to get active and physically fit. Along with running, many teams may do some ab and upper body work. Plenty of runners also lose weight while running and it is great for gaining a healthy heart!
  • Socialize… While it may not be the social hour some people are looking for, it still provides plenty of time for you to talk and hang out with friends and teammates. As one of the quoted runners said above, “the team dinners…were a blast”, which is 100% true.
  • Personal Records and Experience… Runners will often achieve PR’s every race that they run in. Experiences will also provide you with things you may never forget.

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