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Interview With U.S. Runner, Tim Nelson

3 Dec

This is our first interview which is pretty sweet. What makes it better is that it happens to be with a pro runner with the name of Tim Nelson. A couple quick facts about Tim Nelson before the interview…

– 2nd place, 5k 2010 USA Outdoor Championships

– 2nd place, 2009 USA Cross Country Championships

– 3rd place, 10k 2009 USA Outdoor Championships

– 1st place, 5k 2007 Big Ten Championships

The Runner’s Voice: How did you start running and when did you figure out that you could run at a competitive level?

Tim Nelson: I started in second grade. The only sport my elementary school offered was cross country so I tried it and found that I was consistently finishing second place behind the same guy. Eventually, with a little training, I began to win all the races I ran. When I was 13 I told my mother that I was going to get a scholarship and run competitively in college and I haven’t looked back since.

TRV: When your running in big races, what thoughts are going through your mind?

TN: I think, focus and rely upon rhythm more than most other elite runners. It’s hard to describe, but I try to get to a place mentally where it seems like my mind and body are working in unison.

TRV: What has been your favorite moment or race as a runner?

TN: Being part of a NCAA winning team in Cross Country back in 2005 was an unforgettable experience, one that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in running. Not even the Olympic Games.

TRV: What does your future hold? What does the future of running as a sport hold?

I suspect I will continue to move more towards the marathon along with a great deal of other elite runners. It seems that the marathon is becoming the most competitive event in running probably because it is the most lucrative. I enjoy the track and am still more comfortable on the track but my coach has been pushing me towards the marathon pretty much since my freshman year in college. It’s only a matter of time before I become more comfortable at the marathon than on the track.


True or False? Running Version

2 Dec

This new feature will talk about things in the world of running that may be considered true or false. Opinion answers will be given.

1) A sub-2 hour marathon will occur before 2020

False, Even though marathoners have been making big strides in their times and are getting closer to the sub-2, they are still minutes off. In fact, the world record holder is still 3 minutes and 39 seconds until breaking it. I personally don’t see anyone making that much of an improvement throughout the next 9 years. I would say that the 1st sub-2 hour marathon will happen in no less than 15 years.

2) Usain Bolt will beat his current 100m record of 9.58 seconds

True, Usain Bolt wants history. He has even talked about his bid for four gold medals in the 2012 Olympics. He now has something to improve, and at 25, he still has more in the tank to offer. His body structure is one that comes only once in a decade for track runners. He will get sub-9.58 during the 2012 Olympics, then will fall after that.

3) Running is the easiest way to get in shape

True, No bike. No water. No weights. All you need is athletic shoes and you can get outside and go for a run. Even if you only run 1 or 2 miles, that is still getting you in shape and it is an economic-friendly solution for getting healthy. You don’t have to buy a bike or go to a pool. Running is as simple as going outside and moving your legs.

4) The Boston Marathon is the best marathon in the U.S.

True, I may be from Massachusetts, but I would still think this is true if I was from Nevada or Michigan. It’s the world’s oldest marathon which is pretty much the deciding factor for this question. It started in 1897 and has continued every year since then. Enough said.

Marathon Info: Boston Marathon

27 Nov

It may be months away, but it is one of the biggest marathons in the United States. When you think of the biggest sports events in Boston, your thoughts direct towards Patriots and Red Sox games and being the biggest. But, the Boston Marathon is the biggest event in Boston, Massachusetts and it is looking to grow every year for many years to come.

Here is some info on the marathon that helps make Boston who it is.

Boston Marathon

Date: Patriots Day (3rd Monday in April)

Top Time: Men’s Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) 2:03:02 in 2011; Women’s Maragret Okayo (Kenya) 2:20:43 in 2002

Spectators: About 500,000

Runners: About 20,000

Organizer: Boston Athletic Association

Other Facts…

– In 1996, the race had 38, 708 people running

– Heartbreak Hill, which is a Boston Marathon famous hill, goes for .4 miles that rises 88 feet

– Oldest Marathon

As you can see, this is quite the marathon. For those of you in Boston or around Boston, watching this event or running in it will provide a great experience.

Couples Update… Running Style

18 Nov

This is the second part of our feature about pro running couples in the world. 

Welcome Adam and Kara Goucher to the series. Two very experienced and decorated runners.

Kara Goucher:

Long Distance


Personal Records…

5k: 14:55

Half-Marathon: 1:06:57

Marathon: 2:24:52

In college, Kara was an outstanding runner which led to multiple outdoor championships and other top 10 finishes. In the 2008 Olympics, she ran the 10k in a time of 30:15:16 which put her in tenth. In 2011, she ran the Boston Marathon (after having a baby a couple years earlier) and came in 5th which set a personal record of 2:24:52.

Adam Goucher:



Personal Records…

1 Mile: 3:54

2 Mile: 8:12

5k: 13:10

Maybe the lesser known runner in the couple, but still a crazy runner. He was ranked among the best in his competitions many times for the USA, but had to deal with many injuries along the way. In 2008, he failed to reach a time good enough to qualify for the olympics. In 1993, as a high schooler, he did win the Foot Locker Nation High School Cross Country Championship.


Couple’s Update… Running Style

13 Nov

This is a new feature we hope to get popular around here when we look at some of the best couples in the running world. If you have suggestions, feel free to contact us.

To being our new feature here at The Runner’s Voice, we are going to talk about probably the biggest known couple in the running world, Ryan and Sara Hall.

Ryan Hall:

Long Distance Runner

Stanford University

Personal Records…

Marathon: 2:04:53

Half-Marathon: 59:43

Ryan Hall is one of the USA’s best runners to ever compete. He has won everything from college invitationals to Olympic trials. He was a gifted runner in college and has carried that over to the professional course. Ryan’s half-marathon PR is an American Record.

Sara Hall:

Middle Distance Runner

Stanford University

Personal Records…

Mile: 4:31

5000m: 15:20

Sara Hall was also a big college runner as she came in 3rd (2003) in the college championships, which helped lead Stanford to a title as a team.

Ryan and Sara have also created a foundation called The Steps Foundation. The goal is to help poverty in Africa and Asia. For the United States, the goal is to promote being healthy and to do some running as well.

Thanks to USA Track and Field for some info and visit the Steps Foundation.