Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon; Las Vegas

3 Dec

Las Vegas will be holding the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon this Sunday, December 4th. This marathon (and half-marathon) takes runners in and out of Las Vegas. Along the way, you would be able to see casinos, neighborhoods, restaurants and and much more. It is one of the oldest marathons in the USA as it was established in 1967.

The Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series owned by the Competitor Group. There are 27 marathons that are part of this series. The marathon in Las Vegas will be experimenting with a new course that they have never done before.

The marathon may also be good for the economy as the impact may be near millions of dollars, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The expected registration is in the 40,000’s and with the price being charged on all these runners, no wonder Las Vegas wants to bring it back year after year.

Could this be a start to marathons becoming a economic competition in the USA? If revenue keeps reaching these marks, then it is very possible.



True or False? Running Version

2 Dec

This new feature will talk about things in the world of running that may be considered true or false. Opinion answers will be given.

1) A sub-2 hour marathon will occur before 2020

False, Even though marathoners have been making big strides in their times and are getting closer to the sub-2, they are still minutes off. In fact, the world record holder is still 3 minutes and 39 seconds until breaking it. I personally don’t see anyone making that much of an improvement throughout the next 9 years. I would say that the 1st sub-2 hour marathon will happen in no less than 15 years.

2) Usain Bolt will beat his current 100m record of 9.58 seconds

True, Usain Bolt wants history. He has even talked about his bid for four gold medals in the 2012 Olympics. He now has something to improve, and at 25, he still has more in the tank to offer. His body structure is one that comes only once in a decade for track runners. He will get sub-9.58 during the 2012 Olympics, then will fall after that.

3) Running is the easiest way to get in shape

True, No bike. No water. No weights. All you need is athletic shoes and you can get outside and go for a run. Even if you only run 1 or 2 miles, that is still getting you in shape and it is an economic-friendly solution for getting healthy. You don’t have to buy a bike or go to a pool. Running is as simple as going outside and moving your legs.

4) The Boston Marathon is the best marathon in the U.S.

True, I may be from Massachusetts, but I would still think this is true if I was from Nevada or Michigan. It’s the world’s oldest marathon which is pretty much the deciding factor for this question. It started in 1897 and has continued every year since then. Enough said.

Adventure Runs… The Best

1 Dec

Please be careful when attempting an adventure run or adventure race. Some parts of a run may be dangerous and should take caution in any parts of an adventure run.

Ever get bored while running the streets of your town? Well, it happens to most people who take running seriously. The flat roads (with a couple of hilly spots) can get really boring and force you into a runner’s slump which is when a runner just gets tired from running… mentally. You always want to challenge yourself  and you want to visit new places while running. Some runners run for the sights that they may see while running.

Adventure running can give you some GREAT sights (if your safe) and will have some awesome experiences. Running adventurous with “running buddies” will make adventure running 10x better. It’s a great time and there are many reasons why you should do it.

  • Sights- When you go out for an adventure run, some areas of your run may have some wonderful scenes in which you can really take in. This will give a boost to your running because you want to see that area multiple times and you will think ‘I want to go see that. I will go for a run’ and runner;s slump will never kick in.
  • Reaction- Maybe part of your run is running the woods. Since there may be many roots around the ground, you will always have to adjust your reaction to where the  roots are so you don’t get injured. It will help your footing as it will help when you want to place your feet in specific parts during a regular race.
  • Doesn’t Feel Bad- When I go for adventure runs, I will sometimes end up running longer than I usually do on a road. This will happen as you don’t realize you have ran far because you may be having a lot of fun looking at different areas you may have never seen before.

Adventure running in the woods can pay off for your running and it can also be loads of fun. They even have adventure races so get to your adventure side and do a race.

Mass Dash Relay; Experience Worth Everything

29 Nov

You make think running a 5k is hard. It is. You may think running a half marathon is hard. Very Hard. You may think running a marathon is hard. You better believe it. Why don’t you try to run 200 miles and tell us what that is like?

Well, not 200 miles ALL by yourself.

The Mash Dash is an event where 2-12 runners combine and run 200 miles from the western area of Massachusetts all the way towards the Boston area. The starting point to this race is Mount Greylock and finishers stop near the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.  It is a relay race with 36 points in which runners can switch off with teammates. Along the way, there are great sights such as ponds and lakes, mountains and rivers. While running (or waiting to run), you pass the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. There are many other places where you can stop and grab something to eat or grab something to drink.

With two vans operating at one time, the running is continuous. Even when dark hits, you are still running and the vans are still following. Want to run in the complete dark except for a head light and reflective vest? Well, then this could fit what you want.

The proceeds of the race go towards the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in honor of Neal Webber who fought cancer for four years and sadly past away in 2008. The Mass Dash has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the JF and DF and hope of curing cancer. 1000 dollars (team entry) goes directly towards helping these charities.

About the Mass Dash Relay:

People per team: 2-12

Where: MASSACHSUSETTS…all of it!

When: July 14-15, 2012

Charity: Jimmy Fund, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Team Cost: $1000 (if you raise $3000, your team fee is waived)

For more on the Mass Dash, visit their homepage.

Why is Stretching so Important?

28 Nov

Stretching will not take you very long to do, but it is a very important factor of running… especially if you want to be a fast and healthy runner. It is going to provide a great amount of benefits to your body and to your overall running speed. It does not matter what event you do; cross country, distance track or sprinting… it is all important to get good stretches in before AND after your run.

Why is it important to stretch before running?

– Stretch out your muscles (most obvious)

– Increase blood flow wear you stretch

– Provide an oxygen to supply to those muscles

Stretching before running is a very key factor in being the best runner possible. Most runners take a jog before the stretch because it is not good to stretch cold muscles. Have you ever tried running at a decent speed without stretching? It is very uncomfortable and can lead to some injuries such a muscle pulls.

Why is it important to stretch after running?

– Helps prevent lactic acid from building up in your muscles

– Helps muscles loosen up and will help prevent pain if they become very stiff.

Stretching after running is as important as doing it before you go for a run. You will want to relax all your muscles in your body and if you do an effective stretching period after you run, your legs will feel a lot better the next day than if you decided not to stretch out your muscles.

Some runners find that dynamic stretching helps loosen the body up as well. You want to stretch both sides evenly so it will feel the same while you run and so that you don’t have greater risk of injury on one side. Stretching will also include flexibility which can help runners.

Marathon Info: Boston Marathon

27 Nov

It may be months away, but it is one of the biggest marathons in the United States. When you think of the biggest sports events in Boston, your thoughts direct towards Patriots and Red Sox games and being the biggest. But, the Boston Marathon is the biggest event in Boston, Massachusetts and it is looking to grow every year for many years to come.

Here is some info on the marathon that helps make Boston who it is.

Boston Marathon

Date: Patriots Day (3rd Monday in April)

Top Time: Men’s Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya) 2:03:02 in 2011; Women’s Maragret Okayo (Kenya) 2:20:43 in 2002

Spectators: About 500,000

Runners: About 20,000

Organizer: Boston Athletic Association

Other Facts…

– In 1996, the race had 38, 708 people running

– Heartbreak Hill, which is a Boston Marathon famous hill, goes for .4 miles that rises 88 feet

– Oldest Marathon

As you can see, this is quite the marathon. For those of you in Boston or around Boston, watching this event or running in it will provide a great experience.

Poll #3, What is your favorite type of running?

26 Nov